John Meyn

About Me

Born and raised in Rio de janeiro, Brazil I have always been interested in finance and business. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro you get a unfiltered, raw view of the world. There is a Brazilian saying that goes "Gentileza gera Gentileza" or Courtesy generates Courtesy, the saying has rang true throughout my life, and applies to everything I do today. As a teen, I immigrated to Lake Oswego, Oregon to be closer to my dad's maternal family. The cultural shift that came with such a move has given me greater insight on cultural and global events, I am a proud Latino American, and value family over everything. At the age of 18 I had my son Charls. Having a kid is hard on anyone, but you gain a lot from it. Apart from the dad-body I now have, the insight and most importantly mental fortitude acquired from raising a child fuels my every move. Children can't raise Children, It takes a man to do so. By age 18 I had ran three online businesses, and started a seed venture, Paypr. I learned to network with the likes of CEOs, Social media influencers and Employees alike, bridging the gap between age and expertise. Now, settled in Ankeny, IA I am a Head of Operations in the Voluntary Benefits Insurance field.