John Meyn

Head of Operations

Handling day to day business tasks for 3E Partners, based out of West Des Moines, IA. Daily tasks Including marketing & SEO, Business to Business Communication, Business Logistics & Optimization, Graphics & Web Design, Accounting, In-house custom CRM system deployment, workflow automations as-well as data analysis, networking, compliance and much more.


From E-Commerce to Retail, I dedicate the utmost effort to my ventures. I have invested and started businesses in diverse markets and niches, from foreign investments like WoodBerg, a Palestinian Woodworking and Resin online retailer to clothing sites from Oakland, California. I am used to wearing all the hats, from SEO to Web design, to Legal documents, to accounting, the list has grown a lot. I am not a passive owner, and I'll be right with you through the nitty-gritty. Come grow with me!


I have made a 114%+ return on my foreign seed-investment ventures, And hold a Global & Domestic portfolio with an emphasis on a long-term wealth gain, I have assets in fixed cash contracts, real estate options and traditional stocks. I also hold Cryptocurrency portfolios averaging at 15~40k+, and other assets. I have made a return of 105%+ On Cryptocurrency. With stocks, I prefer less volatility and through conservative strategies I retain six digit portfolios.


Hi! I'm John. This is my personal website for contacts and portfolios.I encourage partners new and old to get to know me better, as-well as the services I provide to help your company succeed. Please, feel free to leave me an email or reach out to me through your preferred method of communication.


The ability to seek out opportunities in the highly volatile market can give you some healthy yields, through leverage and mining crypto has become a profitable side hustle.

Sales Enabling

The more feedback I receive through my teammates' performance, the more I can build upon current pipelines and optimize our efficiency. The exciting part is realizing team visions and making your work, work for you.


Investing in real estate presents a compelling opportunity for stability and growth. Despite the price bubble that we are in, I still view it as a reliable hedge against inflation.